Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hatched Quilt

My friend just had her 6th! baby, a boy, and this quilt will soon be his.  I really love this quilt and I really want to make one in my size.  

It's similar to this quilt and this quilt, but I added sashing, horizontally and vertically, through the middle for some variation.  I also added a border.  It's really not very different, so I guess it's no surprise that I love it.
For the backing, I used this large black polka dot fabric, that I designed and printed myself through My Fabric Designs.  I love how it turned out, my husband says it looks like black olives, and now all I see are olives.  
I wanted an almost ombre effect, but it just wasn't working until I added the grey, and then the greens really popped.
 I quilted straight lines on either side of the seams. 
Binding is a black crosshatch that I've had for a while.  I'm not sure who makes it.

Quilt stats:
Finished size:  38in x 45in (after washing and drying)
Pattern:  Inspiration here.  Half square triangles.
Fabric:  front--from stash   back--my own, printed and designed at My Fabric Designs  binding--stash
Batting:  Warm and White


  1. This is really lovely!! I enjoyed looking back at your other HST quilts too - good inspiration!

  2. Very pretty! And I like the olives too! :)

  3. I love the added low volume in the center. Great quilt!

  4. GREAT! quilt! love it, but then, I love pretty much everything you do, always have.... :)

  5. Oh! That was a good idea to use the gray. Thank you for sharing that color process, because I don't think I would have thought to go out of my color for an ombre. You're right about it working perfectly.

  6. She'll love it! It's a beautiful quilt and I love the green hues! I'll have to make one of these sometime. :)


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