Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart Quilt

It's the perfect week to post this quilt.  After I made my heart pillow, using this tutorial, I was contacted to make a baby size quilt.  Of course I said yes, these hearts are really fun to make.  And I still love the black and white.  We made the hearts 8 inches finished.
 We used this polka dot (by Lotta Jansdotter) for the backing and black and white stripes for the binding.  

to add some interest my customer wanted one polka dot heart on the front.  I love it.  
 (that black fabric is tricky.  It's hard to keep all the threads and tiny scraps off of it.).
Happy Valentines Day.


  1. What a fun idea the customer had with the polka dots. And I'm loving the graphic nature of the two color quilt.

  2. Happy Valentines Day to yuo too from Sweden and Bambi

  3. Loving this black and white quilt. You don't see too many of them but they're wonderful when done right light this! The "one of these things is not like the others" heart makes me smile!

  4. I always love a nice black-and-white quilt. The simplicity of this is just beautiful! Who makes the black-and-white striped fabric? I'm looking for some just like that?


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