Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I have needed new throw pillows for years and years, and just finally got around to making them.  I guess I kept thinking I'd just buy some, but never did.  I suppose it's because I knew I could make something I'd really like.  
So, the past month I've made 4 pillows, and I need one more to completely get rid of the boring pillows that came with my couch (they match my brown couches).  

I kept them pretty simple, both design and color.  I love the black and white trend right now, and almost made all of them black and white, but decided to change them up a little with grey and pink.  I used Alison's heart block pattern for the heart pillow.  I love how it turned out.  The hearts are 4.5 inches and I added a 1 inch sashing between the hearts.  
One downside of black and white is that your quilting will often show, either on the black or the white--depending on the color thread you use.  For my hear pillow I quilted the sashing.  I like how it turned out.

All the pillows are 20 inches, except the cross pillow and I think it is 18 inches.  The cover is a little baggy, so I need to fix that.  I like my pillows plump and fat, so I usually make my cover the exact size of the pillow.  My heart pillow was 20 inches before I sewed on the closure (envelope), so with seam allowance it's probably closer to 19+ inches.  I don't know the best place to buy pillow forms, I have looked at IKEA, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby and have been unhappy with them, I feel like they are too flimsy and will be pancakes after a month of my family using them (that includes jumping on them), so I buy throw pillows at Costco.  They usually come in a 2 pack and cost $12-$15 for the pair.  I think it's a decent price, but honestly I haven't shopped around much.


  1. I really like the pillow forms that crate and barrel makes. I get the down filled ones. They flatten, but fluff up very nicely.

  2. Very cute. But what about a photo with them on your couch? :-)

  3. Super cute! I especially like the cross one, tho I like them all together too. And Costco? Did not know they carried pillow forms - will have to check that out locally...

  4. Have you ever tried making your own with polyfil? I can stuff them much tighter that way. And I just serge the edges. No whip stitching it closed either because it's just on the inside. I originally got the idea from Crazy Mom Quilts.

  5. I adore that cross pillow! While all of the pillows are graphic that one speaks to me for some reason. :)

    As for inserts, after going on the cheap for so long and being unhappy I finally splurged on Pottery Barn inserts for all of my pillows and it was life changing. :) I get the down alternative ones because my husband is allergic to down, but both styles are divine and hold their shape nicely. :)

  6. Cute, cute. Great idea about pillow forms. I've always been super unhappy with them too, so I'll have to try costco for pillows.
    Now I think I need to make a heart pillow before Valentine's Day!

  7. Love these!!! I get my pillows from Pottery barn. They have nice ones that aren't too costly!

  8. Beautiful cushions. love them all.


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