Friday, November 6, 2015

half square triangles (HST)

Tiger Lily, by Heather Ross, and half square triangles will always be a good combination (even on a wrinkled quilt top).  The half square triangle is one of the most basic blocks in quilting making it one of my very favorite blocks.  They are easy to make and versatile.  I appreciate intricate piecing, but I sure love simple.  (I use this method for making my half square triangles.)

I loved this quilt so much (and I need another baby quilt), that I decided to recreate it with prints.  I think I like it just as much, especially with these sweet Heather Ross fabrics.


  1. Hello Nettie, I followed your link to find out about making HST and I was so pleased you showed that HST ruler. I did not know about it, but I am going to buy one now!
    I'm going back to read some of your back posts now. Have a nice day.


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