Friday, October 9, 2015


Several asked for colors from my Sunset Quilt, and here they are.  As you can see, I'm not a solid purist.  I like and purchase all for different reasons.  

  • Kona, by Robert Kaufman, has every color under the sun and are the most affordable.  Plus I can find many colors locally without having to order online.
  • Moda has a lot of colors too, and it seems that their repertoir is growing.  The feel and drape of the Moda Bella Solids is really nice, and it's getting easier to find.
  • Art Gallery Pure Elements have the smallest variety, but the feel is my favorite.  It's so soft.
I used two very similar yellows because I didn't have enough of just one, but you can't really tell, they look pretty much exactly alike.

I have had that Timeless Treasures dark crosshatch print for YEARS.  I've cut off the name of the print, so I only know the manufacturer.  I love how it plays with the black.  Its very subtle.


  1. Lovely colors! I'm pretty sure the name of the Timeless Treasures print is "Crosshatch Sketch." (And pretty sure that colorway is Charcoal too.)

  2. Cortneys arrow quilt has always been a favorite of mine. It looks good as a rectangle too.


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