Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Knitted Dishcloths

I am by no means a knitter, but I really, really love the knitted dishcloths for wiping my counters everyday.  So with a lot of help from you tube,  I learned to make them myself.  
If you haven't used them yourself, you really should.  Funny story, I was given a set when we got married, and we thought they were hot pads...my husband and I always complained that they were the worst hot pads in the world (and they are).  Then a friend told me they were dishcloths (about 12 years later)...you get them wet, ring them out, and wipe up messes... and once I used them I didn't want to use anything else.

I am in the process of replacing my old worn out ones, and I love them all over again. 

Materials:  100% cotton yarn.  worsted weight.  I like sugar 'n cream, peaches and cream, bernat.  You can find them at JoAnn or Walmart.
Pattern/Tutorial:  Pink Knits


  1. I knit a bunch (20 or so) of these this winter and gave some away to friends and family but kept a big stack for myself. They are the best!

  2. I agree, they are great dishcloths. When I'm at someone else's place and wiping up messes with their ordinary dishcloth, it feels so inefficient. Once you use a hand knitted dishcloth, there is no turning back.


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