Monday, February 8, 2016

Apple Hot Pad

I love making hot pads for a quick project in between bigger ones.  I saw this pattern, by Charise of Charise Creates and wanted to try it out.
I love that it has pockets to make holding it and hot things easier.  

The back is my favorite part.  I love that fabric from Ayumi.  Sewing on the binding was a little tricky around those curves, and I lost some of the apple definition at the bottom, but I think it turned out just fine.  I cannot wait to try another one.  (There's also a pear pattern).
Insul-Bright is a MUST in hot pads, it's wonderful, keeps hands safe from heat and is easy to sew with. 


  1. Great job! Love the red and white, and the piping looks perfectly fine!

  2. super cute ... the design and colors ... love a bright red apple!

  3. Oh my, how cute is that? I love the pear version too!


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