Tuesday, March 17, 2015

farmer's wife

I've had the Farmer's Wife book for a couple years, and have finally started making the blocks.  All the blocks are 6.5 inches, and they have been so fun to make.  Each block is different, so it doesn't get old.  I usually make four at a time.  I don't plan to make every block, I think I'll make mine lap size.

I messed up the bottom right two blocks.  I don't know how I put them together wrong, but once they are together, I just don't want to take them apart.  I think they look fine too.  The navy blue/mint green one kinda looks like a bird.  Can you see it?

(the book has templates for each of the blocks, but I really don't like templates, so I have been modifying each block (somewhat) using my rotary cutter and ruler.  The blocks I can't figure out, I will either use the templates, or foundation piece.)


  1. Yes, it absolutely looks like a bird. I think it's cute!

  2. very cute, i'm never good at committing for a long term project but i love all the blocks i've been seeing around online lately.

  3. Before even reading your text I saw the bird and was going to comment as much. But then I read through and saw you saw it too. :) I think this would be such a fun long term project to make using scraps from current projects at the time. Like a history of your sewing. Maybe the small block size would make that feasible?

  4. just so cute. HR is always appropriate.

  5. I have this book too but haven't been game enough to begin it. I'm a good starter and a terrible finisher!!


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