Monday, June 2, 2014

copycat quilt

years and years ago (seems like another lifetime ago), I made a quilt almost exactly like this one.  It just kinda came together unexpectedly, and I really liked it.  I ended up selling it in my etsy shop, and over the past 6 years, it is one of the quilts I get asked to duplicate the most often.  
So, I finally made a copy, it's not exactly the same, but definitely similar.  It's not made with Dick and Jane fabric, but similar fabric I bought when I was brand new to fabric stashing.  
I made this quilt top a while ago--I felt like I just wanted to use up fabric.  Then the top sat and sat and sat until I finally finished it this weekend.
 Black and white stripes were begging to go on this quilt, and I think it makes the quilt.  It finishes it off so perfectly.
 It also works perfectly with the backing (an old Denyse Schmidt from Jo-Anns)
 This one is listed in my shop.


  1. isn't it funny how many of the more simplistic designs seem to get the most interest. I have had a similar situation occur for a nine patch quilt that was my first completed project. Yours looks great and I hope you sell many more.

  2. Very cute, the quilt looks very cuddly.

  3. this i love!!! the striped binding is amazing

  4. Can a quilt be delicious? Because I want to eat this one. It looks delicious :) I might want to copycat it one day too, is that okay?


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