Tuesday, November 23, 2010

drawstring bags

i mentioned that my daughter's birthday party was a couple weeks ago, so i whipped up some drawstring bags for the kids to collect their pinata goodies.  I LOVE these bags--tutorial here, they are the PERFECT little size.  Try it out, you'll love them too.
here's when my little guy told me that what i had put in the bag did not belong.
i think i like them as much as my kids! 

and don't forget, you can still purchase tickets for the raffle.

and lastly, i have listed some more charm packs (fairy tales this time) in my shop.


  1. Love those! They are adorable! I bet the kids freaked out for them.

    I'm making little bags for my son's party this weekend. Mine are based on the Happy Zombie treat bags only with just one fabric because I'm in a time crunch. I'm trying to make 20 of them so they aren't even being ironed as I go.

    I showed one to my son and he said "Yay mom those are good goodie bags" and my husband asks "Is mom MAKING your bags" then he paused and said in a serious voice "of course she is". ha!

  2. oh they are the cutest!!! I bet their mums liked them better than the goodies inside! so so cute xx

  3. Man, Nettie! Quit making me want your cute fabric! :) I'm going to get in trouble with the hubby.

  4. These draw string bags are awfully cute, Nettie, but I'm sorry, they're not as cute as your kids!! thanks for the tutorial

  5. aww those are so lovely i bet the mums will use them to. What a lovely idea. Dee

  6. I love the bags! What a great idea!

  7. I love the bags and the charm pack is adorable!

  8. These are great bags for so many things. I need to make them for my little grandson's toys at my house - like Duplo blocks, little people, etc. I love having the toys sorted and separated.
    You have a wonderful blog. :-)

  9. Yeah! I am so glad you found the tutorial useful! We made those in June and they still get used each and every week.

    Your fabric choices are so great!

  10. I made some of these today to hang from our tree with little gifts in them for the kids & grandkids :) I was so happy you had the tutorial as I had a brainfart and suddenly couldn't remember where I had written it down! LOL
    Happy Sewing & Happy Living!! :)

  11. Ohhhhh, please tell me the name of the fabric with the donkey and horses! So so cute!

  12. valerie c.,

    the horse fabric is called stable mates by alexander henry. it's been out of print for a while...i found it on ebay about 8 months ago.

  13. Thanks, Nettie! I'll have to check around to see if I can find it. : (


  14. this stuff I like!! really wonderful little baggies)) lovelyylooks


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