Monday, September 23, 2019

Flying Geese Quilt (no. 4)

Finally got pictures of this colorful quilt.  I used a bloc-loc ruler for these flying geese and I'm happy to report that it worked like magic.  Usually my flying geese blocks are a little wonky, but the ruler helped sooo much.  Each block is 3"x6".

backing is a favorite print by April Rhodes (triangle tokens). You can see the quilting in this pic too--horizontal loops.


  1. I love this! I have never made flying geese quilt despite having a bloc loc ruler for it. I feel intimated by picking out the colors or making it scrappy but still cohesive. Yours looks great. Thanks for sharing. Its inspiring.

  2. Hola Nettie, me encanto tu endredón, lo veo super moderno, colorido, muy buen gusto en la combinación de colores hay un trabajo de paciencia y creo yo que de mucho tiempo, combinado por tu amor a esta bella técnica.
    La de combinar colores y motivos creo sin dudas que es unas de las artes más positiva y hermosa en este trabajo.
    En cuanto a los gansos voladores sin lugar a dudas es el broche de ORO para que tu trabajo sea inmensamente HERMOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    Desde SALTA, ARGENTINA, te dejo mi abrazo GRACIELA

  3. Wow this is really beautiful, and the photos are all so inspiring. Great fabric choices and layout for these flying geese.

  4. I always love geese :) Enjoy your finish! xo Melanie


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