Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Little Half Square Triangles Quilt

I can't even remember when I started making the blocks for this quilt.  All the half square triangles (HST) are from previous quilts that would have been thrown away, each finishes at 2 inches.  This might be one of my favorite quilts I've made.
I sewed the HST into 9 patches, once I had enough I sewed them into a bigger 9 patch.
I quilted in the ditch.  That is not my favorite way quilt, but I do like that the quilting is hidden in the blocks.
 I've had this fabric for a while, from Cotton and Steel.  I love the color and love the whales.
Another yellow binding.  I'm surprised by how often I use yellow as binding.  It's not even my favorite color, but it seems to work on so many quilts. 

Quilt stats:
Finished size: 59"x76" (washed)
Pattern: no pattern
front: scraps
back: Cotton and Steel-S.S. Bluebird
binding: Cotton and Steel- Panarama Sunrise
Batting:  Warm and White


  1. wonderful quilt, triangles are always gorgeous :-)
    I have a similar quilt, and even there are some ugly fabrics in it, I love it :-)

  2. This really is the true tradition of utilitarian quilting from back in the day. Just wonderful.

  3. What an amazing quilt. I also really love the binding x

  4. I love this quilt! HST's are always delightful and you put yours together in a beautiful way!

  5. I often come to look at this quilt because I like it so much. But I do have a question. I don't quite understand what you mean by saying the hst's finish at 2 inches. Could you tell me please what size one of those tiny squares has? That would help me along. Thanks so much from Germany!

    1. Hi Claudia! It means that if you measured each hst in the finished quilt they would be 2 in, so I trimmed them to 2.5in before I sewed them together! Guten tag.


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