Thursday, February 15, 2018

Stripes Quilt

I'm almost caught up on all my pre-Christmas sewing.  I have one more quilt to share. I guess that means I need to get busy basting my quilt tops. 

This is a very simple quilt and came together pretty quickly.  I wanted stripes and I wanted to use my solids.  I love how it turned out.
 I've already given this one away, and forgot to measure anything, but I think the stripes are all 2 inches wide.  I wanted to keep them all the same width for some uniformity, but it would probably look pretty cool with varying width stripes.
backing from Cotton and Steel

 I tried almost every print in my stash for binding and finally settled on this light floral print.  Not sure if it's my favorite, but It worked better than anything else I had!  :)
Quilt stats
Finished size: (forgot to measure before I gave it away.  I usually make my throw size quilts around 60"x70")
Pattern: no pattern, just sewed 2.5 inch strips together.
Fabric: front-stash, solids ● binding-not sure name, but it is Art Gallery● backing-Cotton & Steel XOXO chocolate chip
Batting:  Warm and White 


  1. But it’s not just a simple striped quilt. There’s that cute little accent at the bottom of stripes going the other way! Lovely quilt Nettie!

  2. I love how you put the colors together in this quilt. I am sure it is looking fabulous on someones couch right now! :)

  3. It looks modern and beautiful. It's a fantastic finish! Happy sewing! Andrea

  4. Such a lovely quilt - so effective and so simple at the same time. I love the binding with it x

  5. Very cool. It's casually perfect. I love how down to earth you are about quilting.

  6. I love simple quilts that look like so much more. Nice work!

  7. gorgeous! i love the backing too!

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