Thursday, May 21, 2015

around the world again

I have a good friend who casually asked me if I would be willing to make her a quilt.  She'd pay me and everything, but she just wanted a quilt that she could use as a picnic blanket, or around the house.  

This friend happened to have a birthday coming up (and is also a great gift giver, the kind that you never know what to get them), so I convinced myself that I could make her a quilt in 2 weeks.   It happened to be right in the middle of a busy two weeks, and I managed to get the quilt top done (another scrappy trip around the world), and then my energy petered out and I didn't finish it.  I ended up getting her something else, and decided I'd save this for a Christmas gift or something. 

It's still sitting in my sewing room, it's May and I just haven't had time to baste it.  Now it's HOT and HUMID, and I have even less motivation to work on it.  Maybe once the kids are out of school (2 more weeks), we will be bored enough.  

I do love this pattern, and I am planning to use those horseshoes on the back, I think it'll be a good one.


  1. Such a beautiful blend of fabrics, can't wait to see the full view of it! Basting is usually where I get jammed up no matter what the weather is.

  2. I really like this color combo, especially the navy. Ohhh and the horse shoes for the backing is great. Lovely as always. I love your blog and enjoy all that you post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What at beautifull quilt! Your friend will be happy for this gift,- if it will be this year or the next :)


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