Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Decorations Blog Hop!

The folks at Stitch Craft Create recently sent me a digital copy of this book, Handmade Scandinavian Christmas, and I'm excited to share it with you.  (Can you believe it is already this time of year??!!) 

First of all, this is a pretty book.  The images and photos are exactly what Christmas is in my mind.  In Texas, we just don't have snow, and usually we pretend it is cold enough to light a fire in our fireplace.  Despite the weather, we still like to decorate and make our home festive, even if the outdoors doesn't feel like a snow white Christmas.  

Many of the ideas in this book use natural supplies, things you can find in your backyard, and if they aren't found in your backyard, most can be found in your craft box.  And, there are A-L-O-T of projects in this one book.  It is chock full of ideas with directions for each, that really serve as inspiration.  You can take their ideas and make what you want.

I made a list of all the projects I wanted to try, and have 2 to show you.  My 5 year old helped with both of them, and loved it.  
First this wooden star, made from tree branches.  Mine doesn't look as nice as the one in the book, but that is the beauty of this type of project.  It doesn't really matter.  It still looks great.  We made both a 5 point star and a Star of David.  We also added glitter, because 5 year olds love glitter.  I also think these would be fun to spray paint.  Gold would be lovely.

Next we made these paper balls.  Let me say that these were EASY, and I think you could really spruce up a tree with them.  I didn't have any cool colorful scrapbooking paper, so we just used white, and I still like them.  I think I will purchase some fun paper and make these with my other kids over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
 I don't know that they will survive multiple Christmas', but that's okay.  We will just make more.  I think they would even be fun as garland.

 this image is from the book, to give you an idea of what colorful paper would look like.

You can find the book here. (or ebook)
and other handmade Christmas items here.
Stitch Craft Create has some really fun non-holiday books too, here.

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Mon 3rd – Moogsmum (paper bird garland)
Tue 4th – Yarn Demon (crochet snowflakes)
Wed 5th – From the Blue Chair (Washi tape cards & baubles)
Thur 6th – Straight Grain
Fri 7th – A Quilt Is Nice
Sat 8th – Haak & Smaak
Mon 10th – Knits and Crosses
Tue 11th – A Bright Corner
Wed 12th – Imagine Gnats
Thu 13th – Thimbleanna
Sat 15th – Ric Rac
Sun 16th – Chickpea Sewing Studio
Mon 17th – Ellison Lane
Tue 18th – Olivia Jane Handcrafted
Wed 19th – Boolah Baguette
Thu 20th – Made Peachy
Fri 21st – Pieced Brain
Sat 22nd – Rose Hip
Sun 23rd – Sewing Is for Girls
Mon 24th – Miss Print
Tue 25th – Feather’s Flights
Wed 26th – Follow the White Bunny
Thu 27th – Dotty Doily
Fri 28th – Guthrie & Ghani
Sat 29th – Cut to Pieces
Sun 30th – Molly Flanders Makerie

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  1. What lovely stars! The paper balls are also a great idea - I have a bunch of special paper that would work so well. Thanks!


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