Tuesday, May 13, 2014

sherbet quilt

My daughter's sunday school teacher just had her first baby, and the girls wanted to do something for her, so I made a quilt top and the girls got together and tied it.
I think it turned out so cute, and it is so soft and cuddly.  Plus, the girls had such a fun time together tying it, they wanted to do another one right away.  (I do think it could use a few more ties, maybe on the corners, the fabric/batting shifts a little...not terribly though.)
It almost feels like tying quilts has become a lost art. You don't see it much anymore...or maybe it's just because I don't do it anymore.  

It was so fun to listen to the girls chatter away as they tied each thread.  Nine year old girls are a very chattery bunch.

We didn't even use a frame for for this, I don't have one and it was small enough that I basted the quilt and sewed the binding on it, then had the girls tie it.  It worked out great.

I very happily used all fabric from my scraps and stash.  I should be doing more of these.  I love these squares.


  1. So cute! I love tied quilts.

  2. Love your color scheme and how fun to get the girls involved!

  3. So sweet! Great little quilt.:)

  4. It's beautiful. What a GREAT family project.

  5. 9 years old???? I can't believe it. Very cute tied quilt. Are the squares 5 inches?

  6. This is really sweet. I recently tied a baby quilt too, so quick!


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