Thursday, April 24, 2014

geranium dress(es)

As promised, I got some pictures of my girls in their Geranium dresses.  
This is my youngest daughter.  I swear she was born yesterday, and I almost cannot believe she is as big as she is.  We still baby her though, and probably always will, but just yesterday she told me she wasn't a baby anymore...
This is the first dress I made.  I decided to start small, so if it looked terrible, I wouldn't waste too much fabric, but I actually liked it and thought I'd even let her wear it to church.

I made this one with the round neckline, gathered skirt, and ruffle sleeves (those are my favorite).
Her favorite color is orange, and I love the color of this print by Sarah Jane, Wee Wander.  It's just perfect for a dress.
As it goes with children, you can't give something to one without the others wanting it too.  My middle daughter asked for a dress too.  This is actually my favorite of the three, but she likes her sister's dresses better.  I think this print is perfect for a dress too, and I love the freshness of the white (also a print by Sarah Jane, Wee Wander)

She was also my least willing model.

I made this dress exactly like the orange one.  Rounded neck, gathered skirt and flutter sleeves.  I also added lining to the skirt (the bodice is lined in the pattern, but I was afraid the white would be see through).  I just used muslin and pretty much made the pattern exactly as written, but with two layers.  I'm sure there was a better way, but this seemed to work well, without any problems, and I am new to sewing clothes, so I just did what I thought would work.

Pink for my oldest.  (Yep, Sarah Jane, Wee Wander, again...clearly I'm a bit obsessed).

After she saw her sister's dresses she really wanted one for herself.  I was a bit reluctant at first because I was afraid it was a little young for her (she's 9)...I mulled it over for a bit and finally decided that if she wants me to make her a dress, I will, and if she is willing to still look young, then I should be cheering.  Kids grow up too fast nowadays anyway.  There is nothing wrong with keeping them young.
I made this one with pleats instead of gathered and cap sleeves instead of ruffles.  I also added the cutout in the neck.  Just these little changes make it look so much more mature. 
I considered lengthening the bodice, so it would hit at her natural waistline, and then shortening the skirt...but didn't have the time or experience to make those kind of adjustments.  I would like to try it sometime though, I think it would be perfect for this age.


  1. All three dresses turned out beautiful. Well done! And I love the fabric you chose for each one.

  2. Each of your girls look beautiful in their new dresses. I have to agree with your middle daughter though. The orange dress is my fave! Bravo mom! You did an incredible job!

  3. I love all three of the dresses, but my favorite is the 9 year old's. She is just mature enough looking in the dress without that outward I want to be a teen look.

  4. The dresses are beautiful and you have three lovely girls. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Way to go Mom! They are beautiful

  6. 9????!!!!! I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that she liked being in charge of our meetings :) darling dresses. beautiful girls.

  7. Great job, and inspiring also!

  8. These prints are so perfect for little girl dresses. I wish my girl were not so obsessed with pink, otherwise I think I'd make her a dress out of each of the wee wander fabrics. Your dresses and girls are gorgeous. :)

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