Thursday, March 7, 2013

out to sea zigzag II

I've had this quilt in my mind since I made a similar one for my daughter here, but I am just now getting it finished, can I just say I LOVE this quilt.  I don't know if I'll ever get sick of the zigzags, and the colors are so pretty and bold.
Fabrics are Out to Sea by Sarah Jane, and they are pretty! and the fabric is soft.  Perfect for a little one.
I quilted it on either side of the zigzag...not a lot of quilting, which keeps the quilt really soft. 
Mermaids on the back
and pink stripes for the binding
As much as I want to keep this one, I don't really need it, so I've listed it in my shop
I've also listed some kits if you want to make your own.


  1. That is so lovely and pretty!

  2. Absolutely love this quilt!

  3. After you showed the first one, I ordered the fabric to make a boy's version. Still sitting on the shelf in a pretty pile. Thanks for making another version and motivating me!

  4. i too LOVE this quilt!!! The Mermaid fabric is the best!

  5. ooh, I love that colorway! I'm working on a similar set of colors now.

  6. Really lovely quilt! I love the colors and whole result! :) J.

  7. I just stumbled on your blog and have been spending the last half hour or so looking through all your quilts. I love Sarah Jane fabrics. I'm working on a quilt for my youngest using her rocket boys prints. (My husband is a physics teacher.) You choose such fun fabrics I'm in love with your quilt! I also love your rainbow scraps one. My blog is about lots of crafts, but recently I've been doing more and more quilts. I've been hosting I-Spy square swaps lately. I thought you might be interested since you use so many "I-Spy"ish fabrics in your quilts. Our current swap is full, but we'll be doing another one at the end of April or beginning of May. Let me know if you're interested and I can put you on the list to contact about it. (Our last one filled up in 3 days.)

    Thanks, Polly @ Helping Little Hands

  8. nice... :) love the color combo.. :)

  9. Your quilts are just so gorgeous. Thanking for sharing.


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