Tuesday, August 24, 2010


and the winner is Alisa who said, 
"Cute shop. I really like the Yellow White Stripes pillow. So bright and cheerful."  
I've sent you an email.  Thanks everyone for entering.

I'm not sure if it's summer or what, but I just haven't been feeling the quilting bug lately.  I am working on a baby quilt for a friend of mine, but I feel like I have to force my self to work on it.  I'll post it soon, it's just about there.

My daughter started school last week (my first), and I knew she wanted to wear a skirt the first day, I offered to buy her one or make one, and she actually chose a handmade one!  I was thrilled, and think it turned out really cute. 

I used the tutorial found here (really, really easy!)


  1. Ahhhh, that skirt could not be any cuter!

  2. That skirt is going to be the talk of her class. No little girl could resist! I love the trim you chose too!

  3. That's a cute skirt - great for the first day of school.

  4. perfect first day of school skirt! and just what I was looking for! I made my little girl a pair of pants but am just not too crazy about them... you've solved my dilemma! thx!


  5. So so cute !!! You should make matching shorts for Calvin, and matching bib for your baby for your Christmas card. I'm so jealous that your kids enjoy handmade clothes. Hope it lasts. Miss you!

  6. i LOVE the skirt! oh my cuteness! what a stylish girl you have. :)

    i am suppose to be making baby quilts too and i'm feelin' the same as you. it's crunch time for me for the next week. even though i love the result and the giving part... there is just so many other things that pull us away FIRST or the other things we want to do...then we don't have the energy for the other optional things. even though we love the optional things. of course! now i'm babbling. :)

    i'll be thinking of you when i'm sewing. hehe. ;)

  7. the shirt so cute! i think it's not only for kids, it's also very beautiful for adult. just made it bigger. :)

  8. The skirt is adorable. I remember those days sewing for the beginning of the school year. They go by so fast.

  9. I LOVE the fabric you've used - especially for the border! never thought of combining the two!

    gorgeous, I saved a few metres of princess and the pea and might just have to make my big miss one!

  10. Hey....it's ok the 'quilting mood'
    has left for a spell. You needed to be sewing on that adorable skirt for your sweetie!! Didn't your heart flutter a little when she chose a 'homemade one'!!

  11. Love that cute skirt! IF I had a girl I would so make that!! :)


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