Sunday, November 23, 2008


there's a great giveaway going on over at little blue cottage! it's some of that great flea market fancy! i really want to win!


  1. Just found your blog today. I really want to make that zig zag quilt from your sidebar. I am bookmarking your site so I can come back often.

  2. I just found your blog today as well - from Juliann's blog. You have such lovely quilts here!

  3. You are invited to 'the last push' quiltathon! post the link on your site and of course pictures of your quilt progress Dec 13th!. Hope you will join all of us!
    Niki in AZ
    Just Us Quilters

  4. me to, i check often to see what is new. :) hope all is well and your enjoying this wonderful time of year.

    i do have a question for you. would you mind sharing your measurements from your colorful coin quilt? i'm going to start making one for my sis in law after christmas for her baby shower in jan. :)


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