Wednesday, July 23, 2008

d o n e

with the stars anyway...
I ordered fabric for my setting blocks over a week ago, and it still hasn't arrived. Hopefully it'll come today and I can get started on them.

week 13 (I LOVE this block):
all together:
p.s. fun giveway going on over here...


  1. Just passing through and saw your quilts. They are amazing!!! Wish I had that talent. I enjoyed looking at them.

  2. your stars are beautiful!

    what did you decide to use for the setting blocks?

  3. oooh it's so orange! love it. can't wait to see the fabric for the setting blocks.

  4. I still haven't decided on color, so I ordered some blue and gree (Katie Jump Rope), and we'll see what I like best with all the stars.

  5. LOVE your orange stars. They came out fabulous!

  6. I adore the orange and you've got my favourite wee play fabric! I want to buy bolts of that - it looks gorgeous in every colourway and goes with everything! Great job on the stars!


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