Monday, June 9, 2008


I finally got my "stash" organized, and in doing so I realized two things:
  1. I have way too much fabric, which normally wouldn't be a bad thing, except...
  2. I don't like A LOT of it anymore. I kept thinking to myself...what possessed me to buy this? I am a fabric hoarder. I buy fabric and wait and wait for the perfect project to use it for...until eventually I don't care for it much. It's a BAD habit.
I really want to use up. I don't want to have fabric taking up space. Maybe I will give some away. There is WAY too much good fabric out there to have so much I don't like.

On a happy note, I love having my fabric stacked and visible. I used to keep it in bins, this way it will be easier to see exactly what I have. Plus I love the nice neat piles!


  1. oh, it's so pretty all stacked up like that!

  2. I came to your site after visiting Etsy to look at the cute hair things that Cool Mom Picks sent out, and seeing the quilts there. I like the stacks! I am just getting in to sewing, but if you put some of your not-so-favorites together into kits, I'd be tempted to buy it in your Etsy shop, or at least pay for postage if you really need someone to give it away to *grins*!

  3. I was just talking with AmandaJean about this same problem. What do you do with our "ugly" fabric? At least ugly to us. We're trying to come up with an idea.

  4. Late to comment on this post - but you should do a swap out for the fabric you're not so fond of for the fabric you would the Denyse Schmidt's. I do the same thing - but fabric, love it, wait to use it, then don't care for it.

  5. Don't worry about the fabric you don't like right now. There will come a time when it is the perfect fabric for some other project. I've been working from stash almost exclusively this year and it is proving true. Seriously, there were some fabrics I wondered why I ever had but they were perfect now for one reason or another (usually colour).


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