Monday, December 5, 2011

a few things

I feel like I've taken a quilting/sewing hiatus lately, and I have really started to miss it.  We actually moved a month ago, and it has taken me FOREVER to get settled.  Everything is finally unpacked, and I have even started to use my machine!  

Before my machine was packed away, I finished up some Dear Jane blocks, and even realized that I like paper-piecing.  It was fun.  They are definitely not perfect, and this one in particular is totally wrong. 
I either used white when it should've been red, or vice-versa on those outside triangles, but there is NO WAY I am redoing it.

In my move, I realized I have WAY too much fabric.  It almost made me sick.  I don't know how I have accumulated so much, but I decided to start getting rid of some of it.  I hope to eventually destash some of it, but for now I sliced up some Japanese charm packs and listed them in my shop.
I also have some baby bibs that I'm trying to get listed.  I made these just before I got pregnant and sick, so they got put on the back burner.  I finally got pics taken and am slowly listing them in my shop.


  1. Nettie, your Dear Jane quilt is going to be smashing. I love how you're keeping the colors distinct. Keep up the good work!

  2. Your quilt blocks look perfect to me! I look forward to seeing them come together.

  3. I know what you mean about too much fabric. I am reorganizing my sewing room closet and have discovered I'm a hoarder :( It all has a purpose, I just don't have time for it all!

  4. Unpacked in a month is dang good! Me moved into our new place 5 months ago...and I'm just starting to get there!

    My MIL showed me some of her Dear Jane squares...scary hard....but I'm sure you're up to it! Your fabrics are adorable.

    ...also excited about charm packs!

  5. I'm SO tempted to start a Dear Jane...but ALL those pieces....yours looks lovely!

  6. Your Dear Jane quilt will look amazing. All those little piece, you go girl!

  7. You are amazing! My 10 yr old REALLY likes the orange/white block - she says it reminds her of cream soda ")

  8. I you were to compare my DJ blocks to the book, you would find quite a few that were a little "wrong". I didn't redo them either. Keep going. The blocks look great. No one will know but you if some are "customeized".


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